A Poetic Way of Crying

A Poetic Way of Crying

The tears itself is poetic. We can tell just by looking at the tears streaming down someone’s face. How their eyes can tell you what happend—when their lips are numb from the pain. It felt like a heavy water containing all of my emotions. Just like rain, when our eyes can’t carry the pressure anymore, whether we like it or not, it will fall.

They say: “if you cry, you’re weak.”But for me, if you get to show your emotions and finally freed yourself from pain and affliction, that’s being strong.

There are many reasons why we cry. Some tears are results of pain, or regrets, or sometimes—joy. 

We cry whenever we won. We cry when we lost. We cry when we’re together. We cry when we separate. A tear will appear when a baby is born. A tear will also appear when someone died. Our eyes are just like fountains that never run dry. Whatever happens, we bleed water. It’s crazy how tears appear whether we’re happy or sad.

But there is one thing you can do on how memories will be remembered. Write it. The poetic way of crying is making art—through pain.


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