Why Do We Meet People Who Aren’t Meant For Us?

I’ve been asking myself why do we need to meet someone that isn’t really for us? Why do we need to be happy in a short span of time when after the race, the finish line is just all about regrets? Why did we even stayed so long when in the end, we’ll leave each other’s side? Why does it have to start when it’ll end? Do you know how crazy it is when you get to share your heart and soul to someone who’ll soon leave you? How you tell your intimate details to someone who’ll soon forget everything about you? How you held a hand that’ll soon let go? How you kneeled and prayed that that someone will stay with you, forever?

I’ve been wondering why. Why do we need to collect happy memories when in the end, it’ll just make us cry? Why do we need to get hurt so bad just for us to realize what we did? Why do we need to experience this kind of lesson wherein we have to lose our sanity just for us to think what we’ve done? That what we did was wrong and we shouldn’t have done this, that, those — like, ugh.

I don’t understand why we need to meet them, get to know them, be with them, and then forget them.

Why do we need to fall in love? Does it really have to be this painful? Why don’t we just meet someone that’ll never leave? Someone that’s freaking meant for us.


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