Dance All Night

Dance All Night

Coachella Party • CAL NIGHT 2017

[ Photo blogs & some of the tiring but fun experience with my friends last night! ]


Held at Valencia Hall, Bulacan State University, Ph. • April 21, 2017.

And we danced all night to the best song ever!

Honestly, ’twas my first time to join them as they party all night. Last year, I was just watching them while I’m sitting at the bleachers. (Tanders mode) Last night was kinda wild, but fun.

Bachelor of Arts in Malikhaing Pagsulat 2-A performed again! 

Poetry reading × dance performance × song performance. It was actually stressful because we only had 2 days of practice. But the performance was not as disappointing as I thought. Hehe.

How about bonding with friends?

Yaaaas. It was actually weird that someone is throwing fruit salad instead of color powders or water. “Guys, it’s raining pineapple chunks & different fruits plus milk & all!” That’s a bit ew but the experience was fun.

And lastly, I love the theme! Coachella. ❤💯


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